The lensball is one of the photography equipment that comes in the shape of a crystal. It is literally like a glass ball through which you can see and photograph.
You can use the lens ball with a camera or simply with your smartphone. A lens ball is suitable for many types of photography, but works especially well with landscape, architecture, street photography or places with many contrasts and patterns.

Which Lensball To Choose

Lens-balls come in different sizes; 60mm, 80mm, 90mm or even bigger. If you hope to take pictures regularly with a lens ball, then it’s best to choose a lens ball of 60 mm or 80 mm. This sizes can easily be carried abour without them feeling too heavy. The larger the lens ball, the heavier and less manageable it becomes. If weight is not a problem, and you want to photograph a large area, then choose a lens ball that is 100 mm or larger.

It is advisable to buy good quality lens ball from reputable camera stores and not inferior ones.There is a high risk of air bubbles or imperfections when you buy low quality lens ball and they are mostly sold without covers. Lens balls at reputable camera stores are made of good quality and often include a cover.


Focusing might pose as a challenge to some photographers. The camera’s autofocus may have trouble focusing. Choose a single AF point If you want to focus automatically. This way, you no longer use a group of autofocus points, but only one autofocus point. The big advantage of this one autofocus point is that you can manually move this point through your image. You can place this autofocus point in the right place on the sphere and thus increase the chance that the camera can then focus automatically. If the automatic focusing doesn’t still work, then you can focus manually.

You can read more about manual focusing here . If you are shooting with a smartphone, just tap your finger on the point on your screen that you want to focus on, and your smartphone will focus on it.

Be Patient

When taking pictures with a lensball, the ball is held in the hand, and  pictures are normally taken with an open apeture to blur the background because even the slightest movement can easily a blur.

To minimize the blur, you can take the pictures on a tripod. You can also ask someone to hold the ball, or you can place the ball on a pole or on the ground. It is important that you take lot of photos when using the lensball and that you keep checking to see whether the sharpness is good or not.


Choosing one good composition can be a bit difficult, let alone two compositions,but when shooting with a lens ball you have to make use of two compositions. You have into consideration the background, and also what is going on in the lens ball. By moving around a lot with the lens ball and camera you will eventually find the perfect composition.

Blurred Background

A blurred background ensures that all attention goes to the lens ball and not to the surroundings. You can create blur in the background by opening your aperture. by setting a low number of f 5.6, f 4.5 or lower.
You can change the aperture by shooting in M ​​mode. If you find this difficult, you can also photograph in the aperture-priority mode , the A / AV mode. Set the desired aperture number and your camera will search for the correct shutter speed and ISO for a good exposure.

Mirror Effect

Because a lens ball is completely round, the image that would be seen in the lens ball will be upside down. This is one of the many reasons why a lens ball is so much fun to shoot. If you do not want this effect, you can rotate the image 180 degrees afterwards. The background would now then be upside down. If you want both the image in the lens ball and the background align, then you can rotate the lens ball 180 degrees in post-processing.

Be Careful While Handling

For the best effect it is important that there should no scratches or imperfections on the lens ball. A lens ball usually comes in a handy case, always keep the lens ball in the case. Also take a lens cloth with you to clean the lens ball always.
Don’t leave your lens ball in the sun. Doing so will make the heat concentrate on one point of the ball, because of the round shape of the ball. It also gets very hot very quickly and you can burn yourself or in the worst case cause a fire.

Nice ideas with a lens ball

Shooting with a lens ball is ideal in the following situations:

Levitation: Throw the ball up slightly. Clicking at the right moment will make the ball appear as if it is floating.

Align the horizon in the lens ball with the horizon in the background. It would make it appear like one long horizon.

Reflection: Place the lens ball in a pool of water and you will see the image in the lens ball in the reflection in the water. The great thing about this effect is that the reflection is mirrored again.

Patterns: Patterns work really well in lens ball photography, so look for patterns and lines.

The closer you are to your subject, the more frame-filling it becomes. For example, place a flower behind the lens ball and you will see the flower full screen in the lens ball.

If any of the effects above catches your fancy, then by all means get a lens ball. They are not that expensive a
and you can take a lot of fun pictures with them. It is important that you take lots of pictures and keep moving with your lens ball and camera. This way you will get the best of results.


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