Taking a perfect photo in the dark is not something that comes so easily because of the limited light available.
You will have to be creative about it to get the desired result. While a good camera can help with this, the technique and settings used also matters. In this post, I would be sharing tips on how to take a perfect photo in the dark.

Take Photos In The Dark With High ISO

A high ISO is sometimes necessary for taking pictures in the dark. Even though it is popularly believed that a high ISO is not good for pictures, it is suitable for taking photos in the dark, especially when the image is barely noticeablephoto. Although increasing the ISO value might make the picture a bit grainy, but this can be edited with photoshop.

If you have a good camera, you can easily set your ISO value to 1250 without any problems. In very dark situations you can also try to take the photos at different values. Usually the maximum is 6400 ISO. This way you can increase the shutter speed so that you can be sure that the photo is sharp.

Use A Tripod Or Monopod

When shooting at night, use slow shutter speeds to illuminate the image. It is also best to use a tripod or monopod to prevent the image from being out of focus. This way you can be sure that your camera is stationary and the image is sharp. Also don’t make the shutter speed too high, because lights can flicker, and not every light looks the same.

Alternatively you can make use of a wall  or other stable surface if you don’t have a tripod or monopod. In addition, you can put your elbows on your side to create a firm posture.

When using a tripod or monopod, it is wise to use a self-timer. By using a remote control as a self-timer, you can be sure that the camera is not accidentally moved. This comes in handy when you use slower shutter speeds.

Use Motion Blurs With Photos In The Dark

While the aim is usually to create a sharp image, it is sometimes nice to add blur to the photo. This is also called motion blur. You take photos of moving objects or move a camera yourself to create a motion blur. For example, you can zoom in while the shutter is still open or you can tilt your camera a quarter turn during the same period. This can create a wonderful effect that can certainly make pictures in the dark beautiful. This is mainly because what is important remains sharp and everything around it looses its details.

Shooting At Dusk

Taking pictures in the dark does not necessarily have to be at night. You can make good use of the twilight, also known as the blue hour. You can use a faster shutter speed while taking pictures at dusk which gives you a completely different image. Plus you often have a beautiful blue sky on the horizon which gives the photo an extra atmosphere. If you want to take photos in the dark, it is best to start during the golden hour . This way you can capture every moment and determine afterwards which photo is the most beautiful. If you do this on a tripod then you can also combine different photos so that you get an even better image. You have to be sure that the camera and the tripod are stable.

Taking Portrait Photos In The Dark

If you want to take pictures of your friends at night, you will have to use the flash. Do not set the flash exposure too high, but keep it at a low setting. Doing so would briefly expose the foreground and you can also illuminate the background with a slow shutter speed. It is important that the people you photograph remain still.

Because people often have the tendency to move when they see light, it is wise to only use the flash at the end. You can set this depending on your camera and flash. The flash will not come at the beginning of the picture but at the end when the shutter is closed. Of course this is milliseconds work and you don’t notice it yourself, but it does deliver a better end result. Unfortunately, these setting is not available on all cameras. By using this handy tip you can distinguish the foreground from the background and still combine the whole to give a good picture.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

By applying HDR, or High Dynamic Range to your photos in the dark, you are making sure that they stand out more. In addition, you have more control over how you want the photo afterwards. You need a tripod for this effect. Place the camera on a tripod and take three different photos: dark, light, and normal. Some cameras can do this automatically. If your camera has this function, set it in the settings of the camera, and as soon as you do this, it automatically takes three photos.

Once you have these three images, you can edit  them in photoshop or another editing software and turn them into an HDR image. From here you can adjust various things so that more details become visible. In addition, you can easily and quickly adjust the different lights.

Shoot With Different Settings

In addition to using HDR, you can also take multiple photos with other settings. Consider, for example, the ISO settings. Once you have taken photos with ISO values ​​of 100, 1250 and 6400, you can use various options in Photoshop afterwards. For example, for the background that should be black, you can use the ISO value 100 and apply the 6400 setting for the lighter parts. In Photoshop you can create a smart object via a script or by loading. This way you can infinitely adjust the photo to your own taste without causing damage. By stacking the layers and setting the setting to median, you often get a very good picture. Of course you will have to make some minor adjustments.

Conclusion About Taking Photos In The Dark

Whether you regularly or occasionally take photos. It is important that you know what best to do given any circumstances. I hope that these tips has given you better ideas of how to creatively take perfect photos in the dark. a better idea of ​​how to deal with a difficult situation.


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