It is often the little things that surprisingly bring us a lot of relief. I am an avowed supporter of the sayings that says; “Simple is simply easier”.  If there is something that is almost too simple, but can have a big effect, then I’m definitely a part of it
So in this post, I would be talking about small and cheap things which you should put in your camera bag, that can make life easier for you as a photographer

That’s why this is not a classic equipment must-have list, but simply a few everyday things that has been very helpful to me

1. A handkerchief

Yes, actually, a traditional handkerchief. (If it’s not in your camera bag, then it should be in your trouser pocket).
One of the fastest and easiest way to get a correct white balance for your photos is to make use of a handkerchief.

If you have never done this before – stretch the handkerchief over the lens as free of creases as possible and release it once in automatic mode. (Caution, set the focus to manual, otherwise the camera will try to focus and will probably not trigger). You should aim from your subject in the direction of the camera position from which you are going to take the picture in order to capture the main light that falls on your subject.
In the camera settings, look for the menu item manual white balance (usually ” Custom WB “) and select the gray photo you just took. Select ” manual ” in the WB settings . Finished.

2. A shower cap (yes, really)

I know it’s getting more and more absurd. Handkerchief ok, but shower cap? These small, cheap shower caps that you find in hotels, which probably no one ever puts on. These shower caps weigh almost nothing, can be easily hidden somewhere in your pocket and provide quick, easy and effective protection for the camera body in light rain .

So, make sure a shower cap is part of the things you remember to put in the camera bag . Wherever I come from they say “nothing helps, nothing shame”

3. Duct tape

Sounds obvious, but its usually forgotten. Duct tape can help in so many situations when you have it in your camera bag. You will be amazed at what it can do, and what ideas you will come up with just because its in your photo bag.

For example, my system lightning bolts have huge traces of duct tape because I’ve stuck them in the strangest places so often.

Sometimes the duct tape is like a third hand . And who hasn’t wished for that while taking photos?

4. White plastic bag

Just beforeore they end up in the garbage and in the sea, grab that little white plastic bags and take them with you as a lightning diffuser in your photo bag. Simply put in the button, inflate it and hold it in front of the flash head. The light that comes from the small “emergency light” in the camera is much softer and more beautiful.

Sure, this can’t act as a substitute for a real softbox , but what do they say again about “almost being better than nothing”.

5. A water bottle

With the camera in hand, you probably forget about drinking watet as much as you should. Which is why it’s best to always put a water bottle in your camera bag.

But a water bottle has another advantage; you can create reflections yourself with a little water where there weren’t any before and thus quickly make a picture much more interesting. Especially night lights on the asphalt reflected in water … Very nice, very simple, very effective.

6. Gorillapod

It doesn’t always have to be a big, bulky, heavy tripod. But you should always have the option of stabilizing the camera for a long exposure, for example, with you.

The invention of the Gorillapods is truly a blessing. It is available in different sizes for different cameras, and carries your camera on tree branches, railing handrails, standing on the table or the floor, hanging, … in the most impossible places.

7. Notepad and pen

I don’t know how long it took me to grasp this little thing. But I got it and you should also do now too. You will accelerate your progress in photography enormously if you take notes.

A good photo sometimes consists of so many little things , starting with exposure time and aperture, the angle of incidence of light, time, what went through your head … Take notes while taking the picture, look through them again while editing, reproduce and refine what you like liked. It is worth it!

8. Flashlight

You might think that this goes without saying. We are photographers, we work with light, of course we should have a flashlight with us, right? But the truth is that it’s still missing in most photo bags.

It doesn’t take up much more space, and really useful especially when you’re looking for something in your pocket at night and want to have your hands free – priceless.

By the  way, LED lenses makes huge flashlights. A little sun in your pocket. It is also very useful on clear nights when you want to illuminate something in the foreground.

9. Silica gel

These silica gels are found in most new products. I never throw them away, but collect them in the studio and then occasionally distribute them in the photo bags.

The importance of having this silica gel in your camera bag is that is simply soaks up the humidity and thus have a little drier air in the bag. Sure, that doesn’t help if it’s wet, but for slightly increased humidity and residual moisture in the camera bag, they are not bad at all.

Of course, this list does not claim to be exhaustive , these are just my experiences, the things that have turned out to be helpful for me personally. But I’m sure there are all sorts of different experiences and little things you keep in your camera bag.

So what’s that indispensable item you always have in your camera bag? Let me know in the comment section.





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