Sometimes you need to be able to quickly edit pictures on your phone and then move on to some other things. For example, you might need to quickly edit photos for story on Instagram or Facebook, or some other social media applications

There are many good reasons to have good photo apps, and in this post, we’ll be talking about 5 really good apps that you can take advantage of when you want to edit photos on your phone.


Snapseed is a classic among photo apps and continues to be one of the most used for fast editing of photos.

In addition to the usual adjustments such as contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows and highlights, the app is packed with tools to help you adjust the image exactly the way you want it. HDR, healing brush, creativity, curves, white balance and brush for local adjustments.

Also, there are wealth of classic filters to choose from, which we know from e.g. Instagram. Some of these filters handle multiple editing tasks with one click – including skin editing.


PhotoPills is an award-winning must-have app for landscape photographers. Here you get advanced tools that can give you answers to tons of relevant questions when you are out in the field with the camera;
For example, it answers questions like
“Where and when does the sun go down?” “Where is the moon located and how long should my exposure be to catch star trails?” Just to name a few.

Also, there are useful tables for e.g. depth of field calculations, timelapse intervals and focal length tables.

In addition to being packed with useful information, there is the opportunity to participate in photo competitions, where exciting prizes are awarded to the best.

Nebi- Film Photo

The old-fashioned movie look on the retreat, but more and more people including professional photographers are starting to emulate images from the old movies. For this purpose, many people use film presets for e.g. Lightroom.

The app is free, but the you would have to pay to access the advanced features.

The Photographers Ephemeris

For landscape photographers, The Photographers Ephemeris is an invaluable tool to have. TPE combines sun and moon locations with detailed maps, and tells you exactly how natural light will fall in a given area.
It is a very smart tool that gives you explanations to things like “how to capture the sunset behind a mountain top” , or if you want to know details of things like “where in the sky does the moon exactly rise?”

Touch Retouch

TouchRetouch is an app that, just like the healing brush tool in Photoshop, that removes unwanted elements on images. You can quickly and easily remove lampposts, pimples, signs, etc with just one swipe of the finger.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Photoshop app works in many ways just like Snapseed, and allows you to make common adjustments in exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows, and provides access to filters galore that handle many tasks with one touch.

The Photoshop app also supports RAW files from most well-known camera brands.

Manufacturers’ own camera apps

Most camera manufacturers have their own free apps where you can remotely control your camera with your mobile as well as transfer photos to phone etc.

These are all very useful and necessary for you to take full advantage of your camera.

Nikon has SnapBridge and Canon has Camera Connect and EOS Remote. Fuji has Camera Remote. Search your camera in the Google Play Store or App Store, and the manufacturer’s apps are typically the first.

Do you know any good photo apps?

If you have had great experience with some other photo apps, do not hesitate to share them in the comment section, so that others too can benefit from them.


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