The truth is that the photography profession is difficult to gain a foothold in. This is due to the advancement of technology in both mobile phones and regular cameras. Now it is more accessible than ever for “ordinary people” to get great pictures of their products, children or whatever needs to be photographed.

At the same time, more and more people are choosing to take up photography as a profession, and that makes it super difficult to live as a professional photographer.

So how do you get customers when the market is so pressured? Here are some basic tips to help you get started: If you take advantage of every opportunity, new inquiries will come to your service in the long run, and you should be able to earn an income from it.

Be Visible On The Web- Have a website

As one of the very first, it is crucial that you get a website where you can showcase your stuff. Build a quality website displaying all your works, and also other necessary details like your contact information. You can get a web designer to build it for you if it’s something you cannot do by yourself.
Have someone proofread it, and take constructive advice if anyone has anything to say about it.

The website should first and foremost show your work. Show only your best photos . Make it visually appealing and to the point, putting your best foot forward.

Also, be sure to tell who you are as a person. Photography is an “intimate profession” where people want to know a little about the man (or woman) behind the camera, so be sure to explain in
an honest and professional way what kind of person you are.

Get at least basic SEO done on the website

Once the website is up and running, there is probably no one who can find you on Google and other search engines without some SEO. Therefore, you need to lay out a long-term strategy of how you will get visitors (and potentially new customers) via search engines, as well as how to target keywords that are relevant to your niche .

If you know nothing about SEO , then consult a professional consultant in the field or read up on the basics of the web. There are lots of “start-ups” and articles on search engine optimization on both youtube and blogs.

You should not focus on the big keywords such as “photographer” or “business photographer” from the beginning, as this might be difficult to rank with but instead focus on more niche keywords with less competition. For example. “Photographer for day care institutions”, “photographer open on Sundays” or something similar.

Advertise Your Business Where You Can Get Visibility

Advertise your business where you can get visibility eg on Facebook, Google, and Linkedin

Search engine optimization requires good effort and , might take some time before you start to see the results. Therefore, together with your SEO efforts, it is important that you spend some money on social media marketing to get to the top.

There is a difference in the effect of your online marketing on the different social media platforms in relation to the types of customers you seek.
Do you want to sell your services to private customers or to large business empire?

Personally, it has been rewarding (and relatively expensive) to advertise on LinkedIn as a business photographer , whereas it has been cheaper and more effective to get private customers on Facebook.

It could be a hard nut to crack, and you might have to do some trial and error here and there before you figure out which of them is give you the biggest return.

Many agencies can help you with online marketing so that your advertising costs are minimized. Of course, getting help is not free either, but in the long run it would be money well spent.

Activate Your Network

Word-of-mouth and recommendation works better than anything else, so your network is perhaps your strongest weapon.

When an acquaintance recommends you, it is backed by instant trust and it sells. Therefore, you need to activate your network where you can, and make your circle of acquaintances aware that you are a (self-employed) photographer.

Use LinkedIn actively (and possibly Facebook for professional purposes), talk to your partners, make current customers aware of your entire skill set – and keep going! It’s hard, but even a small effort is better than none .


Various photo sessions competitions occur on social media, e.g. Facebook, and
has the potential to provide massive exposure. As a photographer, the cost is almost minimized.

Competitions are a hugely good opportunity to gain more followers and thus the opportunity to reach more customers who want to buy your product. Although I have rarely experienced here-and-now sales at contests, in the long run, you will inevitably get something out of the extra exposure you get.

Do not drive too hard on the competitions. It can give the impression that customers can get your services for free if only they wait. Also, it can sound a little cheap if you often spend your time for free. Also pay attention to the winnings tax that must be paid.

New customers are everywhere

These are a few very low-key things that you can take into consideration when marketing your photographic pants.

Of course, there are many more options for you, and marketing is a science in itself. The most important thing is that you make an effort and every day make sure to draw attention to you and your business.

When you have the hook out, the fish would come for it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow – but it definitely would come.


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