The  journey is never stopping. We will always yearn to get better, and on that journey we will be met on several occasions by the doubts about where the next investment should be. How do you develop? Where exactly are you going? These are questions you need to ask yourself from time to time as a photographer.

In this post, we would be talking about five good investment you can make, no matter where you are on the journey.

1) Invest in your time

Your time is without comparison thre best investment in terms of developing yourself as a photographer. Charge the batteries, pack your bag and go out into the real world and try things out.

Equipment can give you better conditions to make your photos better, but only the time you invest makes you more skilled. Read a book about photography. Watch Youtube videos. Practice. Spend time in the areas where you feel you are lacking.

Time is the only thing that does not come again.

Buy fixed focal length lenses. I could go on and on about the benefits of fixed for length lenses.
First and foremost, of course, you get the best optical quality for the least amount of money, and at the same time the fixed lenses provide relatively large apertures, so you have the opportunity for nice background blur and large light intake.

On the other hand, you have to give up some flexibility as there is no zooming. Use it as a challenge, “zoom with your feet” and practice getting the best out of the fixed focal length. It is a good exercise, and will very possibly strengthen both your framing, your creativity and your “ball eye”.

The large apertures also allow you to work more creatively with blurring and isolating the subject.

2) Invest in travel and nature experiences

One of the most rewarding investments you can make is to do something good for yourself and your development. Travelling and nature experiences, where you get the opportunity to combine leisure, outdoor life and photography of magnificent nature areas, city life or the likes.

It inspires and develops you – and when you come home, you come with new experiences and motivation.

In addition, the epic photo destinations gives you a lot of material that you can use for marketing when you get home. Photo trips to parks or other natural place gives you large amount of “eye-candy”, which your followers and potential customers will also find interesting. Travel is a good investment in every sense of the word.

3) Invest in workshops and courses

Finishing, nature photography, portrait, model photography, lighting etc

Photo workshops are available in many areas, and can even be combined with travel and nature experiences. Several talented photographers arrange workshops abroad, where you will be able to have magnificent experiences, be inspired and form networks with like-minded people.

Workshops in all forms allow you to discuss tools and techniques with professionals in person.
In the end, it means you come home with more experience and knowledge, inspiration and a great deal of motivation.

You never get too old (or too good) to learn from others, so invest your time and money in workshops and courses.

4) Invest in meetups and walks

Walks and meetups are events where you will meet like-minded photographers and in some cases also models. When you make an investment in time and people, you develop not only your professional understanding, but also your network and your personal and social skills. Other people and the interaction with them, is an invaluable source of inspiration in which one can not invest enough time.

Seek out the possibilities of e.g. Facebook.
What is the best investment you have made for your photography?

We hope you can use the above as an inspiration to develop yourself. Of course, we could have made a list of equipment and new gear that you can invest in, but we believe that personal development is the alpha-omega of the photographic journey. That is why we have emphasized this in our assessment of good investments.

In what area have you invested and was is it a good investment for you? What has made you a more skilled or motivated photographer? Feel free to share in the comments section and let us know about your experiences.


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